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Need ideas for some complete holiday meals?

Take a look at this year's Gluten-free Thanksgiving Menuzine. Dozens of recipes that work great for the holidays too!

Whether you are new to Gluten-free living or a longtime GFer, I'm confident this 2009 Holiday Menuzine will be a great complement to your cooking plans. Along with this year's Thanksgiving Menuzine, you'll find some traditional favorites and some new ideas to spice up your dining and entertaining.

Thank you for visiting Gling and we hope you'll set up a profile, if you haven't already, and become one of our many contributors as we build great dishes and share ideas for how Gluten-free living really can be a celebration of health, vitality and life at its best! Happy Holidays!


Milk Chocolate Haystacks with Toasted Coconut
There are some chocolates that you just can't stop eating. This is it!
Creamy Peppermint Patties
A perfectly delightful, chocolately dessert you'll love!
Tea Leaves' Chocolate Candy Bonbons
A rich and nutty, chocolatey dessert perfect for any party or festive gathering.
Christmas Truffles
Destined to be a classic in your Gluten-free family for years.
Chocolate Covered Cherries
A must for any holiday dessert table.
A one-word treat that is Gluten-free and wonderful.
Orange Truffles
This fruity and yet rich chocolate is fun to make and oh, so tasty!


Cookies & Brownies

Molasses Cookies
Gling member, Glutenfree Montana, makes these every year for Christmas and recently converted them to Gluten-free. Frost with the Butter Frosting recipe for a light and tasty treat!
Easy Christmas Cutout Cookies
Gluten-free and missing Christmas Sugar Cookies? Yearn no more!
Cake Brownies
Decadent, chocolatey and don't let them fool you... they are Gluten-free!
Your kids will love them for their flavor and the name.


Maple Pumpkin Coconut Custard
So good, you'll wonder why nobody combined these delicious holiday flavors sooner!
Individual Pumpkin Puddings without the Crust
Perfect when served as an appetizer and as a dessert! Hosting a party? These will be a hot item.
Pumpkin Bread Pudding
Heart-warming and perfect with a glass of milk and good book.
Princess Pudding
Smooth and light, the pineapple and oranges give a bright and fruity taste. Quick, simple and delightful.


Mini Sweet Potato Pies
The perfect bite-size dessert or appetizer for a small gathering, or distinctive addition for a holiday gathering.
Easy Apple Pie
So simple and easy to make... a favorite that your guests will love!
Pumpkin Pie
Sweet, spicy and a holiday must!


Pie Crust
This pie crust is also dairy free and can be made soy free as well. It is not crumbly, but it rolls out best between sheets of parchment paper.
The Best Ever Pie Crust
A Gling great already! Yes, it's Gluten-free, but it's also one of the best pie crusts you'll ever make!


Absolutely the Best Zucchini Chocolate Cake
So rich and decadent, you must accompany it with a scoop of ice, cold ice cream!
Chocolate Pumpkin Bundt Cake
A chocolatey perfect, moist and lightly spicey cake.
Pumpkin Cheesecake
A holiday, sweet and cheesy party tradition-in-the-making!
Caramel Apple Cheesecake
The sweet of caramel, zip of apple and moist perfection of cheesecake rolled into one amazing dessert.
Apple Cranberry Crumble
A fruity and delicious, homestyle cake your family will be asking for throughout the year.



A Hint of Orange Cupcakes
Soft, bite-size, fruity and spicey... not too sweet, but will definitely hit your sweet-tooth.
Cranberry Orange Scones
Your non-GF friends may decide they need to be Gluten-free after tasting these.
Pumpkin Scones
Perfect with a warm cup of coffee or hot cocoa ... a delightful breakfast snack!
Sticky Cinnamon Buns
Gooey, sweet, nutty, spicy and gluten free. A must for any party! Be sure to send your thanks to Glingster, Charles Luce.
Lemon Scones
Sweet and zesty, lemony and oh, so Gluten-free!
Pumpkin Pastry Sticks
So simple and so tasty. Perfect for your kids or at your holiday party snack table!


Crab Stuffed Mushrooms
Very tasty and simple to prepare. Best when made with a sweet variety of crabmeat.
Christmas Gelatin Ring
This colorful salad with its red and green layers is fun to serve for a festive dinner or brunch.
Smoky Sesame Cheese Log
Perfect with rice crackers or any gluten-free cracker or flat bread. Also good with vegetables.
BLT Bites
A cheesy, yet nutritious bit-size treat!
Chevre Mini Boules
The classic "cheese ball" appetizer is elevated to visual and flavorful new heights with the switch to soft, fresh tasting goat cheese and zesty spring herbs.
Goat Cheese Log
You'll love the smell of rosemary and the light aroma of delicate goat cheese.
Pineapple Pecan Cheese Ball
Fun change from the ordinary "cheese ball" and so yummy! Can be made the day before for easy serving.
Marinated Cheese
All the colors of the holidays and so yummy! Serve this with your favorite gluten-free crackers or lightly toast some gluten-free French bread to serve with it.
Pepper Cream Cheese Dip
This is so pretty and so very simple. You will have a hard time not eating the whole thing.
Nuts and Cream Stuffed Mushrooms
Your vegetarian guest will love this cheesy, tasty appetizer treat.
Bread Sticks
Soft and lightly chewy... your guests will never know it's Gluten-free!
Holiday Pumpkin Dip
A delightful and amazing holiday dip perfect for any appetizer table.
Bacon Wrapped Dates
An elegant and tasty, definitely not ordinary appetizer!
Hot Artichoke Dip
A twist on an old favorite!
Artichoke Dip
Simple to make and carries a zesty twist.


Christmas Breakfast

Pumpkin Waffles
The perfect holiday breakfast dish for that large garthering on Christmas morning.
Buttermilk Syrup
Definitely not your typical syrup. Smooth and sweet, with just enough homestyle flavor to convince you to never buy another bottle of syrup.
Breakfast Pizza
Who says breakfast has to be traditional! Not you, that's for sure.
Tea Leaves' Slightly Southwestern Breakfast Lasagna
Simple and a great recipe to tweak with your Holiday dinner leftover items.
German Pancakes
Gluten-free and you never thought you'd see this old-world favorite again.