The Main Course

Sweet Potato Bake
Gling user Valerie Fender had to convert this recipe to Gluten-free. You will love this side dish at your Thanksgiving dinner and it will be a family keeper for years.
Mike's Amazing Macaroni and Cheese
A community favorite on Gling, your family will call this a favorite, too! This is a super-simple recipe that also makes great leftover Macaroni and Cheese...
Green Bean Cassarole
This recipe will allow you to keep a Thanksgiving tradition alive, Gluten-free style (complete with the French fried onions!). This will make a huge casserole that your guests will love.
Apple Cran/Pear Sauce
The fun part of making these are when the cranberries are popping as they cook. It is also a very quick and simple recipe that your kids will love. You will get raves on this one.
Cranberry Chutney
This chutney is wonderful with ham or turkey, makes a wonderful presentation on your holiday table. Your family will love this new twist on traditional cranberry sauce this holiday season! Gling user Valerie Fender found this recipe in a "Taste of Home" cookbook. It makes about 5 cups of chutney.
Tanya's Fall Corn Cassarole
A tasty dish that even the kids will love! It is quick and easy and will likely be a requested dish throughout the year. Rich corn flavors and a cheesy, sweet flavor make it an easy add.
Pumpkin Curry Soup
If you need something to warm your soul on a beautiful fall day, this is your answer. A delicate hint of curry adds a dimension of flavor you'll love. This also holds very well in the freezer as a leftover.


Gluten-free Easy Stuffing with Flavor
So easy, it's silly. And you thought you'd never eat stuffing, you Gluten-free Champ you!
Sweet and Savory Stuffing
This stuffing will add a hefty dose of flavor and color to your holiday table. And once your guests take a bite, they'll question if this should have been saved for dessert.
Polenta Casserole
A wonderful pan-made stuffing that will delight your senses and thrill your guests!


Turkey Gravy
You can easily use this recipe with your Turkey drippings for a delicious Turkey gravy.
Beef Gravy
If you have a hankerin' for a hearty gravy you can still have it and it is Gluten-free.

Breads, Biscuits, Rolls

Tanya G's Drop Biscuits
These biscuits are easily made if you use a food processor to make them. Add different and distinctive cheeses for some variety. Your guests will marvel at the texture and light flavor.
French Bread
Now you can make french bread again as the perfect complement to you main dishes. The texture and flavor will have your guests questioning its Gluten-free status.
Best Bread Made Right from Your Bread Machine
Great flavor and texture will have your family asking for more to make all those leftover Turkey sandwiches.
Tea Leaves Creamed Corn Cornbread
A quick and simple recipe for a busy Thanksgiving Day. Great served hot out of the oven. Make and serve "as is" with butter and honey, or you can add onions and peppers as it cooks for a savory version.


Candee Family's Quinoa Salad
You'll fall in love with this salad and it's quick and easy, distinctive look at the dinner table. It's sure to be noticed at a fall Thanksgiving party, too.
Very Tasty Green Salad
A simple, yet distinctively different salad. It's always best to shake things up. :)

Salad Dressings

Balsamic Dressing
A slight twist on an old standard.
Lemon Thyme Dressing
A light, but unforgettably rich flavor.
Garlic Parmesan Croutons
Great with your green salads or for sneaking. Your Gluten-free friends will marvel at the thought of eating croutons again!


Chocolate Caramel Apples
One batch is never enough! Great to munch on while cooking or snacking on throughout the day!
Really Good Spicy Nuts
A simple and yet supremely delicious snack. Don't eat too many - you must save some room!


Edamame Hummus
This is a creamy hummus that is great over your choice of Gluten-Free bread. You can also use this for a veggie dip too.
Artichoke Dip
A quick and easy recipe that will go great with corn chips and is perfectly snackable as you cook the day away!
Ginger Snap Dip
A yummy dip to spread over your favorite cookies or fruit. It also works great as a side dip with desserts.


Tea Leaves Slightly Southwestern Breakfast Lasagna
If you need a quick and easy recipe to field a house full of guests, this is your answer. Tasty, yet just different enough to make a very meaningful first meal.
Coconut Coffee Bread
Perfect with a cup of coffee and a morning of reflection and thanks for Family and Friends.
Mike's Golden Pancakes
Your kids will thank you for making these on a day that promises an introduction to new and different foods. A family favorite for sure!
Buttermilk Syrup
A quick and easy recipe for your favorite breakfast food!


Maple Hot Chocolate
A delicious treat for the children AND the holiday kid within you.
Hot Apple Cider
A must-have while cooking. Sip and stir throughout the day without the danger of over caffeination!

Coffee Creamers

Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer
If you love coffee, this will be a must-have throughout the holidays! A deliciously delightful holiday treat.
Carrie's Pumpkin Coffee Creamer
Scratch that fall itch and rub your tired eyes all at the same time.


Pumpkin Pie
A classic and a must-have at Thanksgiving. Your guests will never know this pie is gluten-free. The crust is made with recipe "The Best EVER pie crust" on Gling. You won't go wrong!
Easy Apple Pie
A long-time favorite and super easy version of this pie. You'll love it! And you'll love the crust for all your favorite pies.
Chocolate Torte with a Kick
With a Kick Light texture and a rich, complex flavor. Top with whipped cream for a decadent, signature dessert. Guaranteed to be a long-time request for your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner table.
Chocolate Zucchini Cake
For a classic, traditional vibe at your dessert table, you'll love this super-moist and delightful cake. It's not too rich, but definitely not a regular ol' chocolate cake.
Pumpkin Muffins
Softly, spicy in flavor and smooth and moist in texture, these muffins are great as a stand-alone dessert or beside a cup of hot coffee or tea.
Gluten-free Peach Tarts
This tart is light and perfect for either a dessert or a breakfast pastry. Make it, and Gling member Anna Vo promises you will not be sorry.
Pumpkin Cobbler
If you prefer your dessert long after a big holiday meal in front of the big game, this is your answer. Tastes great with vanilla ice cream or other topping.
Iced Wonderful Pumpkin Cookies
Don't assume these cookies are perfect only for the kids. One bit of this thick, soft cookie and you'll be hooked.
The Best Ever Pie Crust
If Gluten-free pie mixes purchased in the store have failed you, don't get discouraged. This crust has the perfect texture and flavor. It also holds together perfectly for pies that need a top crust, such as Apple Pie.
Butter Frosting
Gling member Gluten free Montana uses this frosting on most of her cakes and cookies, it's easy, delicious.

In the spirit of this great holiday, thank you for joining us in creating a Gluten-free and delicious Thanksgiving. Whether you are a first-time or long-time Gluten-free dieter, I hope you'll find this Menuzine an indispensable part of your season of cooking. Perhaps a new holiday tradition awaits your inclusion! Thank you for being a part of Gling and from all of us... Happy Thanksgiving!